Natural Soy Collection

Natural Soy Collection

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Our new Natural Soy Collection is exactly as the name suggests - Natural Soy

As natural as this blend is, it comes with some downsides.. The set and reset aren't aesthetically pretty like our regular Coconut Soy Blend. Which is the nature of Natural Soy. 

The nature of this wax is to look a little bumpy and frosted -this is how you can tell if a soy has little to no additives. (What is an additive? Answer: An additive could be one of the following - stearic acid, coconut oil, palm oil, vegetable oil, high refined paraffin etc). 


But don't let its appearance fool you! The scent throw is next level! 


At this stage, our Natural Soy Collection will only feature one type of glassware. 

Opaque White Oxford Glassware paired with a stunning Mahogany Wooden Lid and White Window Box - perfect for gifting. 


400g Double Wick

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