About Us

Mumma's Melts proudly uses 5 premium non-toxic waxes in our candles & melts.  

Natural Soy 

Coconut Soy 

Cosmetic Grade Beeswax 

Cosmetic Grade Emulsifying Wax 

Pure Yellow Beeswax 

Our premium waxes are Australian made & owned by Aussie Company All Seasons Wax who distribute their high quality waxes all over the world. 

We also use lead-free cotton wicks in all our candles & tealights. 

We use recyclable plastic containers for all of our melt pods & clam shells to help sustain a healthier planet. 

Most of our shipping boxes are upcycled from our stock purchases, we removed all (or as much as we can) stickers and excess tape and ship your beautiful items to you. 

We use biodegradable packing products such as void-fill packing peanuts which dissolve when wet, recycled kraft paper to help fill especially large boxes and our newest edition is green biodegradable bubble wrap that we wrap all your candle lids before packing into the boxes to ensure there are no breakages when traveling to you. 


All small steps towards keeping our planet safe and tidy! 




Happy melting! 



Please be aware that our online and in-store loyalty systems are two different systems. Therefore, points accrued online can NOT be used in-store and vice versa. Thank you for your understanding.