Need to know!

Mumma's Melts assumes no responsibility for misuse of our products. All candles have appropriate warning labels attached to the bottom for safe use. 


Candles should only be burnt within sight. Keep away from drafts & vibrations to minimise risk of falling. Keep out of reach of children and pets at all times. Never burn candles need curtains or drapes that can catch on fire. 


Safe use of Wax Melts

Carefully remove the wax melts from the shot pot or clamshell. Carefully place inside the clean and dry bowl of either a tealight warmer or electric warmer. DO NOT overfill as this can lead to spillages & burning hazards.

Some fragrance oils are not considered safe for human consumption, please always wash your hands well after handling all melts.

Once the wax has melted, please do not move the warmer to prevent spillage. 

If you would like to remove the wax to add a new scent, please carefully add cotton wool balls to the melted wax and switch off the warmer. Allow the cotton wool balls to soak up the melted wax & carefully remove once the wax is cool. 

Then wipe the bowl with clean paper towel, ready to add your next scent. 

Alternatively, you may place the removable bowl in the fridge for 10mins to easily pop out the old wax.   

Never leave the warmer or candles unattended.  

To get the most out of your candle, only burn 1-4 hours at a time.