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Mumma's Melts

Premium Reed Diffuser

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200ml of your favourite scent paired with high quality Dacron Fibre Reeds which disperse the scent slower & more evenly than standard rattan or bamboo reeds, giving you the maximum scent throw you can achieve. 

 Pack Includes - 

1x 200ml Glassware filled with your fave scent 

1x 10pk Dacron Fibre Reeds 

1x Giftbox



Ingredient Notes: Mumma's Melts uses an eco-solvent Diffuser system derived from plant feedstocks and contains NO VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds).

It delivers superior performance compared to other suppliers who use glycol ethers and acetates, which are derived from petrochemical feedstocks and are more aggressive to human health and the environment.

It is the Reed Diffuser base of choice for Eco-conscious customers

Diffuser Tips: 

* If you are changing fragrances, wash your glassware with warm soapy water & dry thoroughly BEFORE refilling. 

* DO NOT use existing reed sticks if you are changing scents as this can clog the reeds and ruin your beautiful new fragrance oil. Please purchase replacement Dacron reeds if required. 

* Our beautiful Dacron Reed Sticks are made from high quality fibre, providing strong liquid absorption for great scent throw & much longer reed life.

We make our diffusers at the maximum strength, if you prefer a more subtle strength, please contact us upon ordering. 

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