Premium Candles

Our gorgeous candle collection is forever growing with new glassware & fragrances. 

We are often asked, "Are your candles triple scented?" And the answer is YES! 

But you must know that triple scented can be a sales tactic for some companies. It does NOT always mean there is triple the amount of scent in the candle, as that is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE for some waxes on the market!

Wax can only absorb a certain amount of oil, so to say there is triple the amount of scent can at times be false. 

Once upon a time, he industry standard was 3% fragrance load, however now that better quality waxes have been produced and candles have become an affordable luxury, more chandlers & perfumers are increasing their fragrance load to give that extra WOW factor to their collections. 


We use 8 - 10% fragrance load in our candles - which is what our wax can absorb and tolerate to bring you an intensely scented & SAFE candle.